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RV or motorhome hire in the USA is the perfect way to pack in as much as you want during your vacation. The USA is a vast country with a variety of climates, geography, time zones and sights. The Altantic is to the East, Pacific to the west, Canada to the north and Mexico to the south. Even if you go to just one State you will probably not have time to enjoy everything. However if you hire a motorhome in the USA you can see many things and set your own itinerary. With your own beds and a kitchen you can just take off and find one of America's great campsites.

Fall (Autumn) in New England, the Grand Canyon, LA, San Fransisco, Florida and Las Vegas are just a few of the favourite places to visit in the USA. Hire a motorhome in the USA and make the most of your vacation, see all the sights and relax! Without the costs of hotel rooms, meals and rental cars a motorhome holiday is economical as well.

Finding a campsite to stay the night in a motorhome is no problem in North America, there are about sixteen thousand privately owned and public campgrounds in the U.S. Approx eight million campers use motorhomes, travel trailers, or other types of RVs in USA each year.

The motorhomes that are on hire will be recent models, maintained, clean and ready to go. The staff at the motorhome hire company will help with all your questions and make sure that you are familiar with the motorhome. Driving instructions will also be given and certain requirements about driving a motorhome will be drawn to your attention. We have some initial ideas listed below as well.

Motorhome or RV hire clooection points are in Albuquerque, Bellingham Vancouver/Seattle, Dallas, Denver, Gresham Portland, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Orlando, San Francisco and Salt Lake City USA.

In the USA, each of the 50 states has its own set of traffic laws and regulations, albeit most of them are similar. The motorhome rental company should be able to help with any irregularities, especially if you are visiting more than one state.

Generally the speed limit is 65 miles per hour except where signs indicate slower speeds. Speed limits are strictly enforced by radar in many states (especially the eastern highly populated areas.) The speed limit in front of every school is 15 mph when the warning lights are flashing. You are required to stop in both directions for any school bus with flashing lights. These rules are strictly enforced in every state and have severe penalties for disobedience

The minimum age for driving is 16 in most states but some motorhome rental agencies will have a restriction of 25 years of age.

Nearly every state in the USA require the driver and front passengers to wear seat belts and many states require children to wear seat belts in the back seats. prepares foreign visitors for driving in the United States. If you're visiting the US from abroad you may not be prepared for US driving conditions. Do you know what a YIELD sign looks like away from home? offers a detailed driver safety and preparation course specifically designed for foreign visitors to the United States. If you visit the US and plan to drive, consider taking this inexpensive course to prepare you before getting behind-the-wheel.

When you rent a RV in the USA you will find an extensive system of interstate highways and state maintained main roads. Some of the larger highways are toll roads often called turnpikes, but mostly they are free. All major interstate highways running north to south have odd numbers and on the Pacific coast are ordered from I-5 and along the Atlantic coast to I-95. All interstates running east to west are evenly numbered beginning with I-8 and I-10 near the Mexican border to I-94 near Canada.

The minimum period that we rent RV's and motorhomes and campers in USA is 7 nights.

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