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Sweden by Motorhome Location:
Sweden, the 3rd largest country in Europe, lies on the Scandinavian peninsula, the largest peninsula in Europe. To the west of Sweden lies Norway, to the east Finland and the Russian states. Although connected to Finland in the northeast part of the country, most of Sweden is separated from it by the Gulf of Bothnia. Southern Sweden extends into the Baltic Sea and is surprisingly close to Denmark, the most southerly Scandinavian country, Germany and Poland.

Sweden is a long, fairly narrow country that stretches from the Arctic Circle in the north down to Malmö in the south, a distance of approximately 1022 miles (1574km)! Meanwhile, from east to west the country is only about 195 miles (300km) wide in most places. Nowhere else are the polar latitudes so easily reached as in Sweden, so if that's your ambition, pick up your RV in Stockholm and head north!

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden. Although many people think it lies in southern Sweden, Stockholm is actually about 1/3 of the way up the country, lying on the eastern coast. Hence, travelling by motor home from Stockholm to northern, southern or western Sweden is relatively easy.

Getting there:
Sweden is a very accessible country and lends itself to exploration by RV. Stockholm has a large international airport, Arlanda, with very quick access to the town centre via a dedicated fast train link. Ryanair fly directly to Stockholm Skavsta airport which lies about an hour from the city centre. There are air conditioned coaches at the airport that take you directly to the main railway and bus station in central Stockholm.

Being surrounded for much of its borders by water, Sweden is also well served by ferries and there are regular services from the UK, Denmark, Germany and Finland making a multi-centre motorhome holiday a distinct possibility. Access to Stockholm from all the major Swedish cities is excellent with numerous bus, train and plane links, all facilitating the pick up of your campervan.

General Information:
Sweden is a sparsely populated country, with approximately 9 million inhabitants, making travelling by trailer a delight. The roads are very well maintained and easy to navigate. Road signs are clear and easy to understand. Many of the roads are wide in comparison to UK roads and most trunk roads have a 'passing lane' enabling the motor home driver to travel with ease allowing faster traffic to pass easily. The 'passing lane' is a narrower lane to the right of the main lane. To allow faster traffic to pass, slower vehicles move into this lane, straddling the main lane, thus leaving plenty of space for overtaking.

Driving regulations in Sweden are similar to most other European countries. Some points for the RV driver to bear in mind follow: The wearing of seatbelts is obligatory both in the front and back seats; cars are obliged to have their dipped headlights on all day; if parking on the side of a road, vehicles may only park in the same direction as the traffic flow; there is priority from the right at junctions where roads have equal status. Parking restrictions are generally listed on signs located at street light height alongside buildings and may be hard to spot. If in doubt, motor home drivers are recommended to use official car parks instead!

Another delight for RV drivers is the fact that Sweden has no mountain barriers to cross. Much of the country lies at a relatively low level although this rises as you move north and west. The border area with Norway is mountainous but easily passable with a motor home as the valleys are wide and there are many wide plateau reached by gradually climbing roads. For those who seek high peaks, there are some sharply pointed peaks such as glaciated Kebnekaise (2117m) in northern Sweden.

"Allemansrätten", the right of public access to the countryside:

The other advantage of camping and caravanning in Sweden is "allemansrätten", the right of public access to the countryside. Essentially this right enables you to walk, ski, boat or swim on private land as long as you stay at least 70m from house and keep out of gardens, fenced areas and cultivated land. You can camp for more than one night in the same place and may pick berries and mushrooms, provided they are not protected species. What could be better on a camping holiday? More details on this right of access can be obtained from the Swedish Environmental Protection Authority (Natur Vårds Verket) website: www.environ.se.

Although the national language is Swedish, the majority of Swedes have an excellent command of English, probably because their TV programmes are not dubbed, so visitors will find it easy to get around. Most restaurants and place of interest also have literature in English.

Swedish food is not very spicy but is delicious with seafood being a particular speciality in many places. Since visitors hiring an RV benefit from their own cooking facilities, eating in restaurants may not be necessary but if you are sight-seeing, lunch in a restaurant can be a pleasure. Most restaurants in Sweden offer an excellent cheap lunch menu that generally includes the main dish, bread, a soft drink and some salad.

Sweden benefits from a climate very similar to Continental Europe. Whilst winters can be very cold and snowy, with many rivers and parts of the sea freezing over (enabling long-distance ice-skating to be undertaken), summers generally have very settled, warm, dry weather. Temperatures regularly range from around 20ºC to 26ºC and sometimes even reach 30ºC. The settled summers mean the sea temperatures generally reach a level where swimming is possible and indeed, many camping sites are located to take advantage of this. Stockholm itself lies in a very protected situation geographically and as a result has a low average rainfall, another good reason to hire a motor home in the area!

Because of its northerly location, Sweden has fantastic long days in the summer months. In Kiruna in the far north, for example, the midnight sun (when the sun never dips below the horizon) can be experienced from late May right through to late July. Of course, in the winter, this does lead to long, dark nights sadly. Even more southerly locations like Stockholm have extended days and towards the end of June, when Swedes celebrate Midsummer, and into July it can be hard to know when to go to bed - fantastic if you want to take advantage of camping and caravanning.

Camping & Caravanning:
Sweden is a fantastic place to travel with a campervan. It has a huge number of campsites ranging from very basic ones right through to those offering every facility imaginable. Many can be very busy during July which is Sweden's national holiday period, so advance booking may be required. Nevertheless, with your own RV, you always have the option of camping in the wild (See information on ällemansrätten).

Camping prices vary depending on the facilities and the season. Be aware that in northern Sweden the summer season is very short and begins at the very end of June, after the Midsummer celebrations, lasting for about 6 weeks. Prior to and after that time, some camping sites may be closed as may many of the visitor attractions. Despite this, travelling outside of these dates is great with quiet roads and enabling travellers to enjoy the natural delights Sweden has to offer undisturbed. The independence of RV travel allows you to take advantage of this. For more information on camping sites please contact the Swedish camping association: Sveriges Campingvärdars Riksförbund (email: [email protected]; mail: Box 255, SE-45117 Uddevalla)

Sweden is probably once of the most child-friendly places on earth, making it perfect for families desiring a relaxing motor home holiday. Children are welcome everywhere and many shops have special play areas to occupy the young ones whilst the parents shop. Restaurants all have lovely children's menus - so tempting it isn't unusual to see visiting adults ordering off them! Most museums and other places of interest allow free access to children under 7 and reduced rates to children aged 7-16.

Sweden has a wealth of activities on offer to the intrepid traveller; a motor home enables visitors to take full advantage of this. Some of the main activities include: hiking, fishing, cycling, walking, swimming, gold panning, golf, riding, canoeing and rafting and sailing.

There are many small historic towns offering interesting Scandinavian architecture and culture and for those interested in churches, the variety on offer is spectacular.

The wildlife is also interesting and includes red and roe deer, foxes, hares, badgers. In the north it is not uncommon to see elk and reindeer and drivers of motor homes must take care not to hit these in some locations!

Where to Go?
There are so many things to see and do in Sweden that travellers are likely to want to hire their campervans for several weeks! Stockholm has a wealth of attractions for visitors both young and older (See section on Stockholm). Outside of the capital, where the RV traveller goes really depends on how far you want to travel. For more advice on things to do and see, renters of motor homes are advised to check out the Swedish tourist board's website: www.visit-sweden.com. Here you will find details of activities for children & adults, nature lovers, culture lovers, adventurers and more! Whatever your itinerary, the campervan traveller will find enthralling things to see and do, just keep your eyes peeled whilst driving & go exploring - that's what Sweden is perfect for!

Dalarna, a wonderful, prosperous farming area, north west of Stockholm, offers Lake Siljan and the delightful painted wooden horses synonymous with Sweden. It can be reached by campervan in a few hours from Stockholm;

Norrland & Lappland in the north offer untamed rivers, unspoiled lakes, mountains and extensive woodland as well as strong Lapp culture and crafts. Travelling here by RV is best done in several stages as the drive is long but beautiful;

Göteborg, Sweden's second largest city and thriving international port, lies to the south west of Stockholm about 6-7 hours drive by motor home. Again, travelling in stages is ideal as there are a number of wonderful places to visit on the way.

Driving your motor home along the eastern coast of Sweden is fabulous whether you choose to drive north or south. To the east of Stockholm is the Stockholm Archipelago, consisting of thousands (about 24,000!) of islands. Many of these are accessible to the caravanner by ferry.

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