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Camper driving tours in Spain give you the opportunity to discover the provences of Spain at your leisure and in comfort - Motorhome holiday accommodation is far more luxurious than that of the traditional campervan. With a hired motorhome or campervan you have the freedom and flexibility to drive wherever you want and discover the real Spain that interests you - far more lies between the main attractions than one can usually visit! Plan your motorhome holiday so that you can enjoy all the fascinating parts of Spain that are of interest to you. From the beaches, the Alps, vineyards, market squares, ski resorts and the lakes to the ancient history and local craftsmanship - you will be free to drive around Spain and prioritise what you want to see.

Motorhomes are supplied with essential equipment - progress to the rental form and you will see exactly what is available with each model of RV. Some motorhomes are very luxurious with dining areas, kitchenettes and showers - others are more basic and economic - campervans generally have an eating area that doubles up to being a bed. The minimum rental period for a campervan, motorhome or RV in Spain is 3 Nights in Off Season, 7 nights during Easter and July and August.

Touring in Spain has something for everyone. Skiing and winter sports in the Pyrennes and the Alps, Mediteranean and Atlantic Spanish beaches on the coasts. Spanish food is superb and the people are very friendly.

The main locations where you can collect a hired motorhome in Spain are in, Barcelona, Malaga and Madrid. It is possible to hire a motorhome oneway free of charge between the rental depots in these Spainish cities. A 180 euro surcharge is applicable for one way motorhome returns to other Spanish rental depots.

We also have a supplier on the network who can give campervan and RV pick ups at, Alicante, Almeria, Bilbao, Gerona, Pamplona, Salamanca, San Sebastian, Santiago De Compostela, Tarragona, Valencia and Vigo, although it is not possible to do one way rentals from these depots.

Spain is in the European Union and it maybe possible to drive your camper to visit other EU countries, Spain has great gateways across Europe by road and by ferry. If you have a propane bottle from another country, you'll have trouble filling it in France - so remember this if you cross borders! Travelling by ferry, you can reach UK, The Canary Islands and The Balearic Islands.

All motorhomes are furnished to an extremely high standard, and the rental staff are extremely helpful. There are many campgrounds in Spain - these vary greatly and we recommend that you do your research carefully. Many people choose to stay in their motorhomes 'off the beaten track' so to speak, it is best to take advise as to whether this is sensible for the specific area that you are staying in. It is of course safer and more secure to be in a campsite. Free camping without the appropriate permission is not legal, although it is often not allowed in national parks and state forests or along beach fronts on the Mediterranean. Some car parks near municipal beaches on the coast have height barriers which stop motorhome and Rv's from parking.

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