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South African City guides for motor campers in campervans, caravans and motorhomes.
The roads in South Africa are generally good, the climate in South Africa is perfect - not too hot and not too cold - it is always a good time to hire a motorhome in South Africa.

Whilst you may want to escape in your motorhome in South Africa, don't discount visiting cities. There are many things to see in Johannesburg, principally Gold Reef City as well as Melville Koppies and Sterkfontein. Minimum rental period of an RV in South Africa is 5 days.

Durban is a lovely city on the coast with some great outdoor attractions. You can hire a motorhome in South Africa and take advantage of the great scenery. Nature reserves, Beaches, watersports and Botanical gardens are some of the things to see in your motorhome in Durban

Cape Town is perhaps the most famous city in South Africa and a good place for people to start a campervan hire in South Africa. At the tip of South Africa, Cape Town is underneath the famous 'Table Mountain' and surrounded by the sea and beautiful scenery. In a motorhome you can explore the area, such as the and .

Camping in South Africa is very popular, so there are plenty of very good facilities for campers, both those in tents and for visitors in campervans. During school holidays it is advisable to book a place.

Driving in South Africa
In general the road system in South Africa is very good for driving a Motorhome, but there are various things you need to be wary of, especially if you are going to more remote areas. The road network in South Africa has about 200,000 kilometres of national and provincial roads of which 5,000 kilometres are tarred. The rest can be of poor quality. Main National roads are identified as 'N' roads and regional roads by 'R'

Hiring a motorhome in South Africa requires that you always carry your national driving licence which must be printed in English. Travel with this documentation at all times when driving your motorhome as the Police will expect to see documentation if they stop you.

In South Africa people drive on the left-hand side of the road and overtake on the Right. Like most countries seat belts are required to be worn, even when you are renting a motorhome in South Africa. In a campervan in South Africa the speed limit on major highways is 120 kph, 100 kph on rural roads, and 60 kph in the towns.

RV'ing in South Africa is easy - there are many safe and well maintained caravan parks inside the Game Reserves - an example is Kruger National Park. There are many campgrounds for RV use throughout South Africa. Pick up a hired motorhome in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth Windhoek (Namibia) & Harare (Zimbabwe) South Africa.

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