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Finland is filled with spectacular scenery, ffjords and exciting activities. During the summer enjoy the longevenings amongst the stunning backdrop. Have an adventure by hiring a motorhome in Finland, soak in the country go where your fancy takes you and then park up, eat and sleep in the comfort of your own luxury motorhome.

Useful information when making your itinerary driving a motorhome for a road Tour of Finland - the greatest RV-ing holiday, and by far the best way to discover Finland. Suggested Touring Itineraries of Finland for motorhome trips:

driving holiday Touring Helsinki Hire a RV in Finland

driving holiday Touring South Coast Finland Hire a motorhome in Finland

driving holiday See Lapland in a motorhome. Hire a motorhome in Finland

driving holiday
Rovaniemi Hire a motorhome in Finland

driving holiday Touring The Lakelands Hire a motorhome in Finland

driving holiday Kuopio Hire a RV in Finland

driving holiday Savonlinna Hire a RV in Finland

driving holiday Punkaharju and Lappeenranta Hire a RV in Finland

driving holiday Tampere Hire a RV in Finland

Finland is a large country but a country of stunning contrasts. On the one hand, campervan travellers can enjoy the peace and tranquillity of lakes and moorland, mountains and rivers. They can revel in old-fashioned villages and historical houses, many with large Russian or Swedish influences. On the other hand, motorhomers can make the most of the modern architecture, art and design for which Finland is famous. This is, of course, abundant in Helsinki but it also exists in all the smaller towns too creating an incredible contrast to the countryside. Having a country with multiple pick-up locations also makes it far easier for the RV tourist to make the most of this huge, varied country whether you want to drive shorter or longer stretches. Whatever your desires, few countries offer as much variety for all age groups; caravanners will not be disappointed and will return to see more!

Motorhomes on hire in Finland will be well prepared, safe, maintained and clean so that you can enjoy your vacation. You don't have to pay for hotels or hire cars or expensive restaurant meals in a motorhome in Finland, so you can have a great value holiday.

Before you head off for your holiday in a motorhome in Finland you will be given full instructions as how to drive the motorhome and also how to set it up at your camping site. You will also be given driving tips, but here are some to consider:

Motorways are numbered M1 to M999 and main roads take the numbers 1 to 39; secondary roads take 40 to 99; other roads take 100 to 999; small roads take 1000 to 2999; and local roads take the numbers 11,000 to 19,999.

Unleaded petrol or gasoline is known as lyijyton polttaine and you will find many fuel stations open 24 hrs, although be sure you have plenty of fuel if you are venturing into remote areas of Finland.

In a motorhome on hire in Finland all passengers must wear a seat belt. As in most parts of the globe it is forbidden to drink and drive.

In Finland the speed limits are as follows: 50 km/h in built-up areas, 80 km/h or 100 km/h outside built-up areas and 120 km/h on motorways. Approaches to priority roads are denoted by a sign showing a red triangle on a yellow background. In another exception to the priority-on-the-right rule, trams always have priority. Headlights must be used at all times.

Most campgrounds in Finland are open from June 1 to September 1and a star system is in place; campsites being graded one to three. Free-camping without appropriate permission is not legal.

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