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What is the safest, fastest speed you can drive a motorhome?
The MotorHomes on hire will be properly maintained but you must never exceed the speed limit. As you become more familiar with the vehicle you will feel more confident. However a motorhome is longer and taller than a car and they cannot go around bends as quickly. They will take longer to stop as well and also remember your fuel consumption will suffer if you speed. Safety rather than speed is the watchword. Take a moment to read our driving a motorhome advice section.

Does everyone hiring a MotorHome have to wear a seatbelt?
Everyone in a MotorHome should wear seat belts .

Can you hire a MotorHome in the winter? Can you go to the ski slopes?
You can enjoy hiring a MotorHome in the winter - they can be heated and the driving should be manageable. Having said that if the road conditions are very poor than driving a motorhome is not advisable.

What is the difference between Class A, Class B and Class C MotorHomes?
Class A motorhomes are based on atruck or bus chassis, Class B is a van conversion and Class C on a pickup. Check out the details of each motorhome and consider the important features that are necessary for your motorhome holiday.

Can a MotorHome be driven when it's windy?
You often have to use your discretion and not take risks with an unfamiliar vehicle.They can be driven safely in windy conditions.

What is the difference between an RV and a MotorHome?
A MotorHome is a specific type of recreational vehicle. There are several types of RV's: MotorHomes; travel trailers; 5th wheels; pickup campers; and camping vans.

What is involved in the booking process?
Follow our easy steps to booking a motorhome.

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