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Canada offers many beautiful sights, hiring a motorhome RV gets you to the bits you want to see - the rugged mountains of the Canadian Rockies between Calgary, Revelstoke, Jasper and the US border. The stunningly beautiful crystal clear lakes and the forrests in the interior of British Columbia and the excuisite wildness of Vancouver Island shores at Tofino. International visitors to Canada, must experience some Canadian adventure sports, fishing, rivers and lakes, grand mountain ranges, and the fantastic wildlife that lives in Canada and cities for cultural events, and superb culinary food.

In Canda motorhome packages include different mileage options in different locations, the motorhome rental locations in Canada are at; Edmonton, Calgary, Kelowna, Halifax, Montreal, Toronto, St John's, Vancouver, Whitehorse and Victoria. So if you are arriving from the north, south east or west there is a great location to begin your driving tour of Canada in a motorhome.

Whether you hire a motorhome for a week tour or enjoy a driving holiday for a month there is plenty to see. A longer holiday allows you to tour one way say from British Columbia to relish the the pacific ocean lapping on the beaches, looking at the magnificent Rockies to the east to the Atlantic Provinces with spectacular Peggy’s Cove. The minimum number of nights that we offer motorhome or RV rental in Canada is 7 nights between June 1 to September 30 and 3 nights for the remainder of the year.

Touring in a Camper in Canada is superb and you'll be surprised how relaxing a drive it is and by the beautiful scenery you'll encounter on the way. The further north you get in summer, the longer the days are, so touring is easy - you can travel in the cool and make the most of the daytime. Combine this with the lack of road traffic in Canada, and you have perfect holiday driving conditions for touring in and RV - long daylight hours with good visibility and virtually stress free driving conditions.

For those wanting winter fun, head for the ski fields in a winterized motorhome - fully insulated and warm, with hot showers and giving you the chance to follow the snow and tour the mountains.

Gas is measured in litres in Canada. Distances are measured in kilometers; one kilometer is about 0.6 miles.

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