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A recreational vehicle and Australia - a perfect combination! Because Australia is such a large country and so far away it is a dream holiday destination for many people. There such a variety of things to see and do that people often come and stay for a number of weeks. To really get the most of a visit many people find a motorhome hire in Australia to be a perfect way to cram in as much as possible. Added to this a campervan hire in Australia is actually a really economical vacation. You don't need a car hire in Australia, you can cook your own food (under the stars on a Barbie perhaps) and of course you don't need to find hotels! In the middle of the outback this can be difficult. Rent a camper motor home for Ashes Cricket Tour 2006-2007 and Tour Australia.

Australia is in Oceania, the continent between the Indian Ocean and the South Pacific Ocean. Australia is a huge and beautiful continent covering nearly 8 million square kilometres and has a population of only 20 million - leaving vast areas remotely populated.

The climate varies from rainforests, green pastureland to arid deserts. Summer is from September to March and during winter you can find snow.

The Great Barrier Reef is the largest living organism on Earth and a fantastic attraction for tourists. The lovely beaches make sit a great to place to visit in a motorhome in Australia. Ayer's rock is a world famous landmark in the centre of the country and a few leisurely days drive in a campervan.

Most of the population lives in the East of Australia and the capital is Canberra, although the most famous city is Sydney. The Opera house, the Harbour Bridge, Bondai beach and the 2000 Olympics are the most famous images of Sydney. From Sydney you can venture out in a motorhome to other great cities; Melbourne, Surfers Paradise, Brisbane, Victoria, Alice Springs and Cairns. Over on the west you will find Perth, but it may be too far to drive in your campervan.

Motorhome and campervan models vary, some have 4x4 drive which could be useful depending of the territories you are heading for. We have some useful driving in Australia tips and aslo specific driving a motorhome advice. Packages offer varying mileage options - consider how far you will be travelling when choosing your model of RV to hire. Minimum 5 days rental of an RV, camper or motorhome in Australia.

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