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Motorhome hire in Argentina Recreational vehicle - RV rental

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When you hire a RV in Argentina you will be fully briefed in how to use your motorhome and some out of the ordinary driving tips. Argentiana is a very big country and a campervan is a great way to enjoy its variety and superb environment.

Motor accommodation we can offer you in Argentina!
  • A full range of self contained motor home vehicles from 2 berth campers to 6 berth luxury RVs in Argentina.
  • Luxury 2 and 3 berth motorhomes allowing couples to take to the road and travel in style
  • Four wheel drive campers for the adventurous couple
  • Classic and Jumbo motorhomes, Patagonia Campers and minihomes - a great selection of motorhome sleeping 2 - 5 people.
  • RV rentals from Buenos Aires and Peninsula Valdes in Patagonia.
  • Mini campers with tents and camping equipment options.
  • One way motorhome hire between major centres.
  • Campervans, campers and RV's for rent.
  • Rent motorhomes from one week onwards - short and long term rentals available.
  • Advice on driving a motorhome in Argentina.
  • Discount for combined Australia and New Zealand campervan and motorhome hire

    Approximately thirty percent of roads are tarmac roads in Argentina, but some of the less important of these routes are littered with potholes. In and around the main cities the road are good, and the main roads between cities are fine, but off the beaten track you may find sub-standard roads which can be problematic if you are in a motorhome rental vehicle. All passengers in a RV must wear seatbelts or face a fine. Driving a motorhome in Buenos Aires can be hair raising - do not expect much lane discipline and plan your route in advance as the pace of traffic doesn't let you dither in a RV!

    We are delghted to help with planning your itinerary - our practical hands on approach and years of experience can be tapped into - we want you to have the best driving / touring trip in Argentina. Campers and motorhomes can be hired from depots in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and also in Pategonia from Peninsula Valdes. Proceed to get a quote and you will be offered a selection of vehicles including campervans, motorhomes and RV's to choose from - if oyu are undecided, feel free to call us for further advice, we want you to make the right decission and choose the motor most suited to your needs. The shortest hire period of a motorhome or RV in Argentina is 7 nights.

    A consideration for driving a motorhome in Argentina is altitude, especially in the Andes. The RV may not perform as well at higher altitude because of the fuel intake.

    Another quirk of driving in Argentina is the wandering livestock in rural areas! In Argentina flashing your lights indicates to people not to do something. For example if you are driving a motorhome in Argentina and someone coming the other way wants overtake a slow moving vehicle you would flash to indicate to them that you were coming. In some countries this may mean that it is safe to pass.

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