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Driving an RV family camping trip
motorhome and RV vehicles

Motorhomes, campervans & RV's

Have an adventure not a holiday - a trip to remember! Holiday breaks are vital quality time, so what better than doing what you want - when you want. Rent a motorhome and be in charge of your holiday itinerary. Family holidays, couples and friends can tour where they want - when they want - simply take to the road and drive!

Sporting events for in the coming seasons include the European Football Championships in France and the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Other events journey planning can be made - follow our sporting guide, where you will see rental depots recommended for different RV types, and campers with sleeping arrangements for groups and couples. The EUFA Euro 2016 tournament will be held during June and July 2016 at locations across France- reserve your campervan online now! In 2018 The Football World Cup is in Russia! Get planning your road trip.

Hire a motorhome in Germany to drive across into France- Germany is one of the cheapest countries in Europe to rent an RV camper in.

Freedom on the road, touring where you want, when you want - with the comfort of having your own bedroom and kitchen on hand. Set your own agenda, you don't have to follow an itinerary, if you like somewhere stay for a bit longer. No hotels and your own kitchen also means that your vacation can be flexible doesn't have to cost the earth.

International motor home hire displays professional and reliable suppliers throughout the world. Modern and reliable campervans in a variety of sizes for hire. From two berth campervans to multi bedded motorhomes.

Renting a motorhome abroad will offer a different driving experience for most people, but with helpful advice from the rental company staff you will soon get the hang of it and you will be free to open up your horizons. Glance at our driving an RV motorhome advice section, and don't be put off by the size of some of the RV's, you quickly get used to driving them.

Motorised accommodation has several names and categories, motorhomes, motor trailers, campervans, RV's - Recreational vehicles, self propelled motor homes - the list goes on. The function of each is basically the same, accommodation, living space and kitchenette all in a motor vehicle - in terms of driving they are somewhere between a car and a van - all the vehicles are very manoeuvrable and driving is easy to get the hang of.

During the last ten years the Sport of cycling has captured the imagination of sports fans across the world, both participants and spectators. Increasingly more and more people spend their holidays following cycle tours! To some it may sound curious but it allows you to see all parts of Europe and experience the changing countryside. Consequently RV rentals in campervans have become really popular and you can rent from all over the Continent. The main event is the Tour de France which travels all over France for three weeks in June. Thousands of people line the route every day from flat rides in the North to the Alpine climbs. The start of the season race is the Giro D'Italia and finishes with Vuelta a Espana in September.


motorhome and RV vehicles

'Rent a camper for more than just a motor holiday...'

There is often discounted motorhome hire deals in Germany, France, Spain, Finland, Norway and Sweden. At the other side of the Atlantic, in USA rental RV's are available for hiring throughout America and Canada. In Africa, campers are in high demand in South Africa including Namibia and Zimbabwe. Then 'down under' you can rent a motorhome in New Zealand (campervan RV or camper trailer) and Tasmania and throughout Australia.

2 birth campervans in New Zealand offer a budget range for travellers looking for a cheap camping solution, the rental prices vary season to season, and dependant on unlimited mileage being included. New model motorhomes are of course more expensive than the older models. In most countries only the latest models are available for hiring. Select the country of your choice and you will be shown the fleet of motorhomes, camper trailers and campervans specific for each country of hire, you can browse the acommodation details before getting an instant rental quotation. Certainly for those on a very tight budget, not having to hire a car or truck and tow a trailer and book hotel rooms makes the campers very cheap indeed. You are under no obligation to rent an RV when you ask for a quotation.

Motorhome and camper hire is a popular way to follow sporting events around the world. Renting a motorhome allows you to get close to the action and enjoy the sport! Bookings for hiring campers and motorhomes for Euro 2016 in France are well under way - this is a brilliant way to drive around and follow the football action. This is one of the cheapest ways to travel in Germany with your accommodation and driving paid up front. Fans will hire campers from all over Europe and arrive in France. You can plan cheap trips by taking advantage of low cost ferry and flight tickets to Spain and France. It is generally possible for an itinerary to include hiring camping vehicles from any country in Europe and driving to Germany. For specific and specialist advice, please contact the customer reservations, who are trained in all aspects of motorhome hire and holiday planning - helping you to get the most out of your trip. You can telephone, chat or email. The Olympics in Rio - campervans and tented 4x4 motors are for hire giving mobility transport and accommodation options for road travel.

On the luxury travel side, we offer up to 7 berth motorhomes which give spacious day time configurations, hot and cold running water, showers, portable toilets and spacious kitchen dining areas. These larger motorhomes are easily maneuverable with power steering and ergonomic motor vehicle designs. Most of the engines have automatic transmissions and the fuel types vary between petrol and diesel.

If it is your first experience of a motor caravan holiday - we have lots of helpful advise and top tips so you can learn from othere experiences! We are running a photograph competition for 'The best motorhome holiday' snap. Please email any entries to us and you will see them published on this site. News of the winner will be announced after the summer. One entry per motorhome holiday.